Friday, May 25, 2007

Slow news day at the Post-Gazette?

The PG's Joe Grata goes ga-ga over Jim Roddey's felonious indiscretion

Roddey was Port Authority chairman, during which time he was permitted to travel the East Busway in his own vehicle. When he left PAT in 1987, Roddey says the Authority told him the pass was "lifetime courtesy."

Who friggin' cares. The governor wants to lease sell the Turnpike, but Grata's getting his rocks off on the goodies of a retired public official. Good grief.

Reminds me of this little controversy in the old New York Sun.

Speaking of the Turnpike, I'm still waiting for the Trib or PG to actually investigate what the sale of the Turnpike would mean to travellers, voters, and government. These quote-dumps are superficial.


Dig said...

So what's your take on what the sale of the Turnpike will mean? I'd like to see you drill down and unearth some hard data in order to keep your readers visible to the ramifications. Thanks.

Paul said...

As always, Jim Roddey handled this like a class act. Allegheny County and Pittsburgh are lucky that he has stuck around.

It's too bad we don't have more citizens around like him.