Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quotes to laugh at

There are cheaters in the 'sport' of fishing?
Missouri fisherman's cheating charge makes him an outcast
"What he did, he did to every fisherman. It's like a brotherhood," said Skeeter Law, owner of the boat shop frequented by [Gary Lee] Jones. "He's done lost any kind of trust that he had."

From Mayor Opie's temporary spokesperson:

[PITTSBURGH] In regards to Pittsburgh receiving ample Security Grant funding by the Department of Homeland Security, Mayor Ravenstahl said the following:

“As America’s second largest inland port, security is detrimental to ensuring the recreational and economic vitality of our City. This grant will include funding for port security cameras in order to track all suspicious boating activity on our rivers, putting the safety of our citizens first.”

Contact: Joanna Doven, 412-255-2694 [Hat tip: Burgh Report]

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, fishing is a sport, just like golfing is a sport... chump.