Monday, May 14, 2007

DeSantis v. Opie

Mark DeSantis, heretofore unknown outside of political circles, is taking on Opie. Citing Progressive Peduto's Preemptive Pull-Out as a prime opportunity for the city's GOP, DeSantis is counting on the 400 Republicans left in the city to write him in.

Wonder who the Trib will endorse.

The GOP is talking bullish about the election. Joe Weinroth threw his considerable political heft behind DeSantis, as has GOP darling Jim Roddey. But with only 1 day to go, announcing one's intent to run in Monday Morning's PG seems a bit amateur.

Mayor Opie, up $650k in campaign funds and riding the corpse of Bobby O' like the crypt keeper, probably gonna win this one inspite of his lack of ability, experience, etc... But what the hell, NYC Republicans have held the Mayor's office in the cradle of the New Deal for the past 10 years. If such a bulwark of brain-dead liberalism could fall, why not our bulwark of brain-dead... er, just brain-dead. Nothing better to reinvigorate the hackneyed, corrupt city Dem's in the than a significant loss to the GOP.

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