Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All Volunteer Council

Few need convincing Jim Motznik is a retard. Perhaps the fact he is in good company on City Council is likewise old news. But this morning I remind you, gentle reader, of just how bad it can get.

Motznik's two week movement for feline civil rights has finally gained traction. Slamming the door on the feline equivalent of Bergen-Belsen, Motz promises to save cats from needless execution through registration. Motz' reasoning: Registration is what we offer our canine friends, its only fair. If anyone was wondering what this Sesame Street Case Study in fairness cost taxpayers... Motz + Staff = $8k a month. Multiply by nine; Council's deliberations on this issue have thus far cost about $72k. What do you think, Pittsburgh... a ferile free world, or another cop on the street? We report, you decide.

An equally inane bill goes before an equally inane body this week, as a Philly legislator weighs in on heavy truck traffic. To ensure passage of his bill, he has attached it to a critical piece of legislation renaming the 31st Street Bridge as the "Shirley Jones" bridge, in recognition of local celeb Shirley Jones. Try to vote against that, Democrats... It's hard to judge what action like this costs taxpayers because our opague state government refuses to let such stat's out, but I bet we could get at least 2 cops for this one...

Its a bit premature to start a write-in campaign, but what the hell. Hillary's been running for president since 2002. So here's my pitch: all volunteer City and State legislators. Write in 'Volunteer' for City Council, State Rep and State Senate in the general election this November. We will accomplish nothing, but its better than writing in Snoopy.

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