Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What I Want, What I Want

Jim Rohr, I want you to hire a decent advertising agency. At the start of every baseball season, I suffer an inner-ear infection from the bacterial radio advertisements aired by PNC Bank.

If you've listened to Bucco baseball on the radio the past six seasons you've heard a series of putrid radio spots from the bank eponymous with the ballpark.

This season, the PNC ad has an announcer describing the habits of eccentric Pirate ballplayers. Sadly, PNC chose to use the voice of a generic sports broadcaster rather than our own beloved, generic announcer, Lanny Frattare.

Last season, PNC's radio spot had fans discussing how they display their love of the Bucs through banking transactions. You may recall the shrill huzzah of a female consumer who says, "It's as if each time I open my checkbook, I'm shouting 'Go Get 'Em Pirates!' "

Go Get 'Em Pirates?!?


And who can forget the "big blue microphone" and the "What I want, what I want" series?

I expect a little more effort from the Bucco Bank of Record. I'm concerned PNC is using an out-of-town agency, or a local firm that hasn't a clue who the Pirates are. If I hear the same radio ad in Washington, D.C. pimping PNC as the official bank of the Nationals, I will inserting the big-blue microphone into Jim's anus.

I suppose I would be less angry if the Bucs had one winning season in the last fourteen years or Jim Rohr didn't charge me $10 for the "privilege" of carrying a PNC Park vanity check card.

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Anonymous said...

Who would blame people from out of town for not knowing the Pirates? If anything, they'd be known for how terrible they've been.