Thursday, April 05, 2007

This is my first affair, please be gentle

Pictured: City police arrest two members of the Pittsburgh Organizing Group, Pittsburgh's leading organization for people who dislike organization. Find more pictures from this bloody day of infamy at:
Pittsburgh Indy Media

Today, a POG posted his account of this tragic event in the POG News!

After three female drivers honked in the span of a minute, Sgt. Vollberg (Badge #3618) turned to his partner and commented, "Did you notice all of these women are fat, ugly bitches," eliciting a laugh from the other officer.

It elicited a laugh from us, too! Sgt. Vollberg, you're a riot!

The POGs are angry that police treated the tea-partiers shabbily and will hold a candlelight vigil outside Sgt. Vollberg's residence on April 12. All of Pittsburgh is invited. Let's show our support for these hopeless romantics. Hope to see you there!

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