Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pittsburgh rated 'most livable city' by man who doesn't drive car. PG staffers so happy...they pee themselves!

Pittsburgh is ranked the most livable city, according to Places Rated Almanac. Former Post-Gazette editor John Craig can die a happy man.

The Trib just could't resist the cliches, suggesting that Pittsburghers "party like its 1985," which was the last year the area was ranked first. " Break out the Iron City and pierogies. The almanac's 25th anniversary edition has ranked us No. 1 again."

Is there an emoticon for eye-rolling?

Here are some of the findings of this scientific survey. Compared to 378 metro areas [they must count places like Jefferson City, MO] Pittsburgh ranks:
90th in economy
131st in climate
21st in recreation

I guess they didn't rate a city's roads, politics, or fiduciary responsibility. Forgive my grumpiness. I think I broke my rear axle on Negley Avenue this morning.

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