Friday, April 06, 2007

Pittsburgh protest at marine recruiting station

Since the city's media has ignored cries of police brutality by the Pittsburgh Organizing Group, the leading organization for people who dislike organization, we are left to speculate as to what really happened two nights ago at the POG protest held in front of the Marine recruiting station in Shadyside.

Did a POG provoke the police or did the police behave badly?

Who was the nasty midnight vandal?

Was it a POG splinter group?

Or perhaps, in a cunning effort to discredit the POG and remove focus from their own misdeeds, 'twas the police force that busted the windows and splattered paint across the recruiting station.

Whatever the case may be you can be sure that Pittsburgh's radical left will speak eloquently and thoughtfully. Take for instance the debate that's raging here at the blog of a Pittsburgh "progressive."
...police are a portected [sic] group. They get to attack at random, without being stopped, and it is not safe to respond to that attack except later in court.

...Of course, protesting the current war is, in a way, protesting the police, because the paramilitarization of our police forces across the country are a part of the current war

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nk said...

haha i took that picture. i was trying to photograph him beating the shit out of a 16 year old kid, but he was too fast and started to strangle me.
keep up the good work.