Friday, April 06, 2007

Hill District Cash Grab

In 1961, the City, State and Fed cut big ass checks to rip the heart out the lower Hill District. In a political horror foretold by liberal economists since Adam Smith, the expenditure of government funds in the destruction of the Hill District kicked off 50 years of recriminations and guilt-inspired checks. Somewhere between 1961 and 2007, the failed logic of good intentions was perverted into the base logic of "That's a lotta money you got there. Gimme some of that."

In a shakedown that bests both Al Sharpton's audacity and Tom Wolfe's pen, the latter logic played out in naked absurdity. A hodge-podge mob of the entitled summoned local politicos to the Wesley Zion Mighty God Bank and Trust, where the 'Community' was seeking the next installment of payments for the wrongs done to the Hill. Only at the Darnnnews, the proposed terms:

Of course, the politicos are keen on paying for the sins of their fathers... even if they didn't know whom to make the check out to. Onorato was appropriately contrite when Ravenstahl was spotted wiping cum off his chin. I humbly request that the brazen leaders of the mob at least show a little more respect. At least JJ Gumberg and PNC make political contributions before a shakedown.


CapitolMAN said...

This is like the Five Families taking a cut of a NYC municipal construction project. These groups are representative of a fiefdom. With no plan or agenda, this consortium has the audacity to demand $10 million. From whom? Who will write them a blank check? The Pens? Barden? The City?

Char said...

Whoever writes that check (and one will be written I predict).... it will really just be coming from us. That's why it will be so easy to write.