Thursday, April 19, 2007

Goin' Dahn Arahnd Tahn

Another reason to hate Doug Shields
Rich Lord has a follow-up story about the city's paving process. It's your standard local news plot: upper-middle class residents bitch, Yaron Zober trots out an obvious solution that should have already been employed, and Doug Shields blames somebody else. No wonder Pittsburgh continues to experience population drain.

Council President Doug Shields said he has tried to get Guarino [Street in Squirrel Hill] on the paving list, but that the city's $9 million paving budget doesn't go far enough. He said the state-appointed Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority stripped council of its ability to increase paving funding.

"People wonder why the council members have to scramble around the back doors to get things done," he said.

Mr. Pedutohead suggests the city reimplement software last used in 1999 that monitored street conditions and suggested paving/road maintenance programs. He adds that the result should be posted online for community feedback. For as much grief as the DN likes to give Pedutohead, this is a sound idea.
I could envision spending two to four hours a week commenting on the particular potholes I've battled during my drives through town. Gosh, our potholes have their own potholes. There are larger craters on Negley Avenue than Airport Road in Baghdad.

I prefer to be called an 'assertive driver.'

PNC is really struggling. $459 million struggling. Thankfully, they can stave on bankruptcy on a state subsidy for an unnecessary skyscraper and my $10.

The state education secretary says the dire situation of the Duquesne School District "is not morally acceptable nor is it financially acceptable." None of the neighboring school districts will absorb Duquesne's impoverished student body.

Update on Charles McCullough, the scumbag rainmaker who steered 40-large in donations from a rich, senile widow to four Allegheny County GOP candidates. McCullough heads the trust of Shirley Jordan, an 90-year old Upper St. Clair resident who suffers from dimentia. McCullough's wife is the director of Catholic Charities, a receipent of a $10,000 from Ms. Jordan's trust. Catholic Charities returned the donation, according to the Trib. McCullough's employer, Eckert Seimans is starting to raise questions about his behavior, too. [Hat tip Newshoggers]

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