Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Goin Dahn Arahnd Tahn

For health skin, dermatologists suggest you drink eight glasses of cancer-water every day.

Extract from fish caught in Western Pennsylvania's rivers showed unnatural levels of materials that mimic the female hormone estrogen. When "fed" to breast cancer cells in the laboratory, the extract more than doubled the rate of cancer growth, according to a study presented Tuesday at the American Association for Cancer Research in Los Angeles.

One concern is that much of the region's drinking water comes from the rivers.

The Trib's Allison Heinrichs reports that 25 percent of local catfish has no gentalia.

Trib ed board says DA Stephen Zappala should investigate the unseemly political donations from Shirley Jordan's trust fund. Charles McCullough, a trustee for Jordan, who is a 90-year old Upper St. Clair woman suffering from dementia, donated $10,000 each to four Republican candidates. Two of those candidates, Vince Gastgeb and judge Cheryl Allen, sit on the trust's board.

The PG's Rich Lord reports about the timeless Pittsburgh plague, the pothole. The story is an example of the machinations of the local Democratic Party that destroy the patience of every resident.

Do influential connections raise your chances at repaved roads?

Only 40 of the city's 1,031 miles of road will be paved this year. Thankfully, just about every councilman and Democratic committee member will have their street paved.

Already stripped down to the base and ready for new pavement is Public Works Director Guy Costa's block of Beacon Street in Squirrel Hill. The block was last resurfaced 30 years ago, he said, though it got a coating of a stopgap material called Nova Chip in 1994.
This doesn't bother me. Guy Costa notes that the Race for the Cure route will route through Beacon Street. However...

"There's [Westwood School] on that street. It's a mess," said Mr. Deasy. "So I put it on the list."
We would all like to request that our councilman have some input into the decision-making process. But did I mention that Dan Deasy lives on 'that street' - Guyland Street? Fuck Dan Deasy. Fuck Jim Motzdick. Fuck Jeff Koch.

Woodbine Street in Stanton Heights also has a concrete section slated for a coat of blacktop. The concrete is cracked in places, and a few football-sized pieces are missing, but it's easily driveable.

Glad to hear we have our priorities straightened out. Oh, yeah. That's where Len Bodack lives.

John Shields downplayed the role of his position as a Democratic Committee member in getting his street on the list. The dead-end section of Goodman Street in Swisshelm Park that is to get fresh pavement is cracked, but not badly pothole-ridden.

It serves 24 houses.

The section "hasn't been paved in, whew, 20 years," said Mr. Shields.

'Whew' indeed. If Mr. Shields is exasperated then we must certainly pave his dead-end driveway! Simply put, if the city can only pave 40 miles of road each year then streets should be paved every 25 years.

By the way, while visiting the mayor's city's web site, I noticed the photo gallery plays a picture rotation comprised exclusively of Mayor-Opie portraits, including a shot of the mayor handing out candy during a parade. This isn't a new story, but it's irritating that our mayor has so little regard for separating policy from politics.

Christ, already. We get it. You're young, handsome, and unopposed. Viva La Luke.

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