Friday, April 13, 2007

Goin Dahn Arahnd Tahn

She's a big donor to politicians, but it's news to her
A 90-year old Upper St. Clair woman, who has never made a political donation, hasn't voted in 10 years and suffers from dementia, just made $40,000 worth of donations to four local Republicans she has never heard of. The PG's Dennis Roddy wrote an absolutely unbelievable story about Shirley H. Jordan.

The nonagenarian is the single largest donor to Allegheny County candidates this election cycle. Four $10,000 checks were drawn from Mrs. Jordan's trust after being authorized by one of her trustees, local Republican attorney Charles McCullough, who is also an at-large county council candidate.

Mrs. Jordan says:
"I have an attorney who is ambitious to be active in politics," she said. "It was not my decision. I knew nothing about it. Then I find he has control of everything and he's spending it right and left. He's a cheap politician."

Mr. McCullough says "Mrs. Jordan...likely 'dummied up' on a visiting stranger."

Her previous attorney, Stephen Paschall, said Mrs. Jordan subsequently appeared to have recovered from the 2005 episode and that she had a good understanding of her financial matters.

The unanswered question is whether any of the four candidates - Cheryl Allen, who is seeking the GOP nomination for Superior Court, and County Council candidates Vince Gastgeb, Jan Rea and Susan Caldwell - made a donation to Mr. McCullough.

You must read this story if only to hear the obnoxious response from Ms. Caldwell.

Twanda Carlisle's misery continues today. The PG has a story about Ms. Carlisle's profligate spending through reimbursable accounts.
But she also spent $2,938 in city funds on draperies, and reimbursed herself $407.82 for expenses reportedly related to a district office.

Ms. Carlisle took $1,805 -- the maximum allowable under City Council rules -- as reimbursement for business miles driven in a personal car last year.

Buy yourself an Iron City this weekend. You may never be able to drink one again. Trib story here.


Highland Ave. said...

Between South Hills Republicans, Twanda Carlisle, and City Council's apparent lack of disgust, I wish we could get some Shock and Awe in Pittsburgh... Or at least a bomb wielding Islamic fanatic in council chambers.

Let Freedom Reign

CapitolMAN said...

Why limit it to Pittsburgh? We should rid Harrisburg of the Bob Mellow and company. Last Sunday, the PG reported on the voracious eating habits of Mr. Mellow and his fellow Dems.

Char said...

Is it just me .... Or are the 1 – 2 political scandals that we’ve seen erupting per day a bit much even for Pgh? I don’t remember this much shit happening this fast with this much regularity. OR...more importantly ... I don't remember the MSM being so actively engaged.

For whatever reason, the climate has definitely changed. I think this may be the time to assemble the angry torch-wielding mob and descend upon Grant Street demanding some reasonably honest governance.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I find amazing. People would rather believe a sleezy reporter (Roddy) who ILLEGALLY entered the retirement home where Mrs. Jordan lived and ILLEGALLY trespassed around the complex until he managed to find her apartment. The poor 90-year old woman was then badgered by the reporter until he was discovered and THROWN OUT. That's the part of the story that's NOT being reported.

CapitolMAN said...

Count me among the amazed sheep who believe the word of a tenacious journalist over a sleezy lawyer.