Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goin' Dahn Arahnd Tahn

Pittsburgh councilwoman and pickpocket Twanda Carlisle was arraigned for pilfering at least $38,000 from city coffers in a rudimentary kickback scheme using three unqualified "consultants."

Here's the PG story
. Find links to complete coverage at Burgh Report. Your money quote, from Ms. Carlisle's mother:

She suggested that bias against women may be at work, citing radio personality Don Imus' recent comments about the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

"And also, you know, if you look at our society, any time you have a person come out and say, 'rough, tough, nappy-headed hos,' this is what our society thinks of women," Ms. Parker said...

Speaking of Imus, the embattled jock is airing his annual telethon to raise money for children for cancer. He'll start his suspension in two weeks. You won't see the telethon on MSNBC because the cruel suits at GE pulled the plug after major advertisers abandoned the show. Anyone else getting the feeling tha the Rage Against Imus is reading like a chapter from Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities?

PG includes an audio interview with Mayor Opie, who wants the ethics board to convene. You may recall that two months ago Bill Pedutohead met with the Ethics Board independently. The Admiral at People's Republic of Pgh is "underwhelmed" by Opie's newfound integrity. WTAE's Bob Mayo reported about the dormant ethics board in February.

The region may have lost 60,000 people since 2000, office vacancy rates may have risen to a gluttonous 20 percent, but the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership says the Golden Triangle is a hive buzzing with worker bees.

A snarky commentary from Metroblogging Pittsburgh on Mayor Opie's new "youth committee."

A breakfast recipe the whole family will enjoy - from your mother and father to your crack-addled sister. I hope Betty Crocker has a recipe for injectable cupcakes.


Highland Ave. said...

The PG's Editorial calling for Twanda to step down forgets one salient fact. The 9th 'councilmatic' is a Banana Republic. Consider the benign rule of Fats Joe Preston in Harrisburg, best known for dozing off under his desk on the House floor in 30 of 45 House sessions. Or County Councilman Bill Robinson, who is famous for... ? Who the hell is Bill Robinson.

35 people at last count are vying for Twanda's seat. Like a Presidential race in Haiti, it features half-wit family patriarchs, a few clerics and a former drug kingpin. Fortunately, roving gangs in Homewood and East Hills target trafficking, not political, competition.

CapitolMAN said...

I've been thinking about the reaction of Twanda's constituents - and political opponents - to her indictment. With the exception of a few notables, there was no outrage. Several individuals presumed there were other guilty parties who had never been caught (read white political crooks). There are malignant politicians and bureaucrats - of every creed and race in the city - but no council member so brazen as to steal city tax dollars. And there is no mistaking what Carlisle did. She stole money from taxpayers. End of story.