Monday, April 09, 2007

Goin' Dahn Arahnd Tahn

Yesterday, Cleveland police arrested a suspect in the Saturday morning abduction and rape of a Fox Chapel woman. Police captured Jimmy Lee Tayse, Johnstown, after a anonymous tipster reported the location of the woman's blue Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Here's the Sunday story in the PG. As usual, the Trib outdoes the PG with its crime coverage. Justin Velluci of the Trib attempts to answer the questions ignored by the PG, like "does Jimmy Lee Tayse fit the description the victim gave police?" A very harrowing experience.

The Trib reports on the Penguin Shakedown. A group of Hill District church and business leaders want $10 million because a new arena will be constructed in nearby Uptown. Unlike the Civic Arena plan, which demolished 95 acres and displaced more than 1,500 families, the new plan will not remove any residents.

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