Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Goin' Dahn Arahnd Tahn

The inimitable John McIntire is back on the air. Clear Channel has turned 93.7 into a cynical misogynist's dream station: Opie and Anthony, Dennis Miller, Johnny Mac, and possibly Scott Paulsen. MacYapper says there is a contract tif between Paulsen and Clear Channel.

Dem Buccos are undefeated! A terrific outing by Zach Duke and solid defense from Chris Duffy and the Jose's give the Pirates a rare victory in Houston's bandbox ballpark where they are 12 - 42. Don't expect three-homer nights to continue. Nuts to the jerkoffs at the Sharp Edge who switched from the Bucco game in the tenth inning to the national championship tilt. Just because every nerd enters a $25 office pool and picks Florida to repeat, a Jimmy the Greek does not make. The Pirates will play again, and I'll be watching the game somewhere else.

It was a surreal experience to listen to the Pirates on FM radio. I felt like Lanny Frattare was sitting in my car's passenger seat.

The PG's Mike White recounted the tumultuous upbringing of Parade All-American and New Mexico State recruit Herb Pope, who was recently shot four times at a party in Aliquippa. Well done story with interviews of coaches, mentors, and teammates from Herb's past.

If you haven't read Chris Potter's interview with Bill Peduto-head yet, check it out. The councilman speaks candidly about the effect of the media on Opie's invincibility. He theorizes that his candidacy was a foil for the establishment; if Luke crushed Bill, Luke and his machine-brethren would reign supreme for the next six years. He also chides the PG editorial board:
I'm not a pawn. It's like what the Post-Gazette [editorial] said: that I need to stay in there to give [Ravenstahl] the experience of running a citywide campaign. That's not my job. I didn't get into this race to be Luke's mentor. I got into this race because I know what the problems are in the city, and I know how to fix them, and I'm not going to hide the fact that this city is going in the wrong direction.

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