Thursday, April 12, 2007

Come Clean, Peduto-head

Peduto thinks that, as the highest-elected official of Progressive Pittsburgh, the movement in Pittsburgh rises and falls with his political fortunes. Hey, it was true for Eugene Debs. Peduto is the most visible form of life in our sclerotic city government, and would likely be Mayor if not for his own fickleness and his campaign's wasteful get-aht-vote efforts on Pitt's apathetic campus. So he has the right to 'keep the debate going?' Just like that other political wunderkind and MoveOn darling, Dennis Kucinich, right? That's why I'm still getting e-mails from a campaign best known for re-defining "Quitting" as "a successful preemptive strike," featuring attacks on Baby Luke.

Quit bullshitting us, Bill. You in, or you out? I'd say your strategy made you crazy as a fox, if you weren't being so annoying furtive about running in November. Short on money, short on support? You're gonna be even worse off in November when you're sputtering like a cross between John Kerry and Ross Perot, "I quit the campaign before I joined it."


Highland Ave. said...

We got to him... Thanks loyal readers of the Darn News.

CapitolMAN said...

Given the power of this blog, perhaps we should start a crusade against Twanda.