Monday, April 16, 2007

Bill Cowher's Junk

Today, your friends rave about your collection of rare "City of Champions" commemorative Iron City beer pull-tab cans. They snap photographs next to the autographed marble bust of Myron Cope. Imagine how they would go ga-ga over this framed nude lithograph, once owned by Bill Cowher. It would be a great addition to any Steelers-decorated game room. It can be yours, if the price is right.

On April 28 at Dargate Auction Galleries in Point Breeze, you'll be able to bid on this item and many others from Mr. Cowher's provenance. You'll also be able to bid online at eBay.

Watch the big game of the Jaw's high-def TV (1245A) and drink a cold Ahrn from Mr. Bill's Lenox charleston beer mugs (1265 A).

You can read more about the Cowher's new beach home in Coastal Living Magazine (PG story).

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