Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Turnpike Curbs Christ

Staying true to form, the PA Turnpike promises to remove a pedestrian walkway over the main line of the Turnpike in New Baltimore, PA. The overhead walkway and accompanying stairs were meant to provide access to St. John the Baptist church from the Turnpike. The faithful have used these stairs since the opening of the Turnpike, but the heavy-handed State-run Authority told the Christians to go hang.

"Having steps so close to the highway is too risky. They encourage drivers to slow down or pull over on a highway where the speed limit is 65 mph. We can't allow pedestrians on interstates anymore... (The steps encourage) pedestrians and that's against the law." -Turnpike Commission

This same bullheaded rational from the assholes who brought us the flying highway and the esthetically pleasing 5 story concrete retaining wall /mountainside.

I don't see why the Turnpike can't fix the stop to accommodate people who want to go to church. I vividly remember passing through New Baltimore and the red-brick St. John's on Sunday morning and seeing people pulled over for church. The stop always seemed popular enough to attract at least one or two truckers either east or west-bound.

But in spite of a lack of evidence that the stairs are actually dangerous beyond some footnote in the federal code, they must go. In short, if youre dedicated enough to give up some time to go to church (and time is especially valuable to truckers), you better be dedicated enough to hop a fence on eastbound 76 at New Baltimore. (US Code 445: A-F)

Time to alert the evangelical groups about another attack on the faithful!

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