Friday, March 02, 2007

Trib scoops Post-Gazette on Penn Hills' family murder-suicide

The Tribune-Review's Tony LaRussa scooped the Post-Gazette's ace-crime team of Jim McKinnon and Mike Buscko on the murder-suicide that happened earlier this week.
George Terry, 65 of Penn Hills, killed his ailing wife and two mentally disabled sons before turning the handgun on himself, according to the Allegheny County medical examiner's office.
While the PG failed to report any possible motive, LaRussa interviewed Denise Leon, a close family friend of Terry's daughter, Donna Russo. Leon told the Trib's reporter that Ms. Russo told her that her father was worried about his ability to care for his family.
Leon also said Terry's daughter told her that Mr. Terry had shown signs of forgetfulness and may have been worried about who would care for his family if he could no longer do so.
LaRussa also interviewed Mr. Terry's friends at a neighborhood senior center where he was a member. The Terry's were caring foster parents. They have two biological children, in addition to their two adopted sons.
The Post-Gazette interviewed neighbors, who said the typical things that shocked neighbors say when something like this happens. Kudos to the Trib for painting a picture about the Terrys' lives.

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