Friday, March 02, 2007

Stop the slaughter, save the cows

From this afternoon's PG:

A protester, sitting on 43rd Street, yells slogans as firefighters and police disassemble tubing that connected about 50 other demonstrators [Darrell Sapp, Post-Gazette].

From Ann Rodgers' story in the PG:
A Bloomfield woman, 24-year-old De'Anna Caligiuri, was suspended from its point in a harness about 15 feet above the asphalt driveway. It was the first time she had done this, a tactic borrowed from the environmental movement. The device was apparently erected to make it difficult for police to remove without injuring her.

"I volunteered to be up here," Ms. Caligiuri said. "Someone needed to be up here and I didn't mind doing it. I'm a little cold but good. I'm here because i'm against the war. I feel it's very important to do direct action against and confront local institutions that facilitate and profit from the war."

Quick, someone call the Pentagon! Tell them to call off the troops. A jackass has suspended herself from a rooftop!

Memo to Ms. Caligiuri: No one likes the war, but it's a Friday afternoon. Grow up and get a job, hippie.

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