Friday, March 02, 2007

Save the Cows, PART II

The aforementioned protesters are either professional losers or are serial liars. Professional losers in that by any measure, the success of their tactics lie somewhere between hopelessly ineffective and wholly counter-productive. If the mindless repetition of failure in the expectation of a differing outcome is the definition of insanity, what are the real motives of Pittsburgh's Freedom Fighters? Judging by the elaborate means the protesters have employed to ensure the media has time to arrive, it seems that the only goal of these clowns is to hold on long enough that they make it on TV.

Chief media whore De'Anna Caliguri (stylish apostrophe added when Caliguri gave up her 'slave name') seems to have proven this point. Caliguri became most famous for protesting on behalf of teachers in Oxaca Mexico, 'cause where else can you fight injustice with a margarita on the beach? In an era where even most people in the third world have cellphones, Caliguri is fighting to have pay phones (For the POOR!) reinstalled on Penn Avenue. Clearly, the breadth of De'Anna's crusade for justice far exceeds its depth.

Today, the target was CMU's robotics program, where manless drones are created to replace soldiers in the line of fire. Expressing a preference for flag-draped caskets, Caliguri eloquently outlined the objective of today's protest to the press: "Write whatever you want, just spell my name correctly."

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