Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lovers in arm: Peduto, Edwards a couple of surrender monkeys

John Edwards may end his pursuit of the presidency today. Oh, he'll probably say his wife, who is recovering from breast cancer is ill again. "What a convenient fact," says Government Issue. Now, Edwards doesn't have to admit to his "faggy" relationship with Pittsburgh city councilman Bill Peduto, who also ended his political campaign.

Coincidence? I think not.

Edwards appeal to voters will only grow stronger should he choose to return to politics. Peduto's career is likely over. His departure stinks of cowardice and frailty. Peduto sanctimoniously says he would not run a race when the media and the voter were more concerned with Opie's misdeeds than the city's demise. What baloney. Politics is a pugilistic sport and Peduto was no fighter. (The PG editorial board says Peduto's departure is a disservice to his supporters, the city, and democracy.)

Two years from now, Peduto may salvage his credibility with the electorate (notwithstanding Ross Perot's 1992 bizarre departure). But come summer 2007, should Peduto run as an independent - an idea he did not rule out yesterday - he will have too much explaining to do to the supporters and contributors he abandoned.

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