Friday, March 16, 2007

Elizabeth Forward Sued by Abused Student

In the not-so distant future, the story will read that Katy White was 8 years old when she learned to hate the Gov'ment. After Killer Katie's decade-long stint as the murderous kingpin of a roving anarchist biker gang, the FBI finally caught up with her in 2026. Friends and relatives back in her humble Mon Valley home sadly reflect on how it all went so wrong.

Back in 2006, in an ass-backwards Mon Valley 'tahn called Elizabeth, 8 year old Katy White was wrongly accused of stealing $5 from a classmate. Her half-wit principal paraded Katy through several classrooms, proclaiming Katy a Thief and Liar to all of her fellow classmates. Because the school's stockade was on loan to Belle Vernon and a recent lawsuit ruled out stoning, the principal improvised a little savagery by slapping Katy when she cried in transit between classrooms.

Turned out dear Katy was innocent of the crimes. The principal, however, was not.

Consider the absurdity of running a $22 Million corporation directed by 9 yahoos elected at large, and staffed by nepotism. No one would ever buy that company's stocks, or invest their retirement savings in that company. No one would ever entrust that company with a critical contract or mission. But we invest our children's future, and entrust these people with the critical mission of their children's education.
According to the lawsuit, the principal's "conduct in instigating, escalating and maintaining said defamation and humiliation was so outrageous and extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency."

Somehow, JetBlue spends several weeks issuing nationwide Mea Culpas for a few missed flights. Elizabeth Forward is mum, their response buried in the South section of the PG. Apparently, for a public school district, Katy's story is par for the course.

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