Thursday, March 15, 2007

Comerade DeWeese: Down with Dictatorship!

Billy DeWeese gots Religion! First, he banished late night voting, then absentee voting, then Public Service Announcements before elections. Now, he is targeting what he described as the "dictatorial" management style of the past 12 years. Hark ye Pennsylvania, the Words of Reform:
The leadership style of the last 12 years was almost dictatorial. We have altered that. No longer will our agenda be simply handed to committee chairmen with instructions to pass them. We are allowing them to do what they should be doing: holding hearings, listening to expert testimony, talking to the public and forging compromise. - DeWeese
Sounds like every ascendant African Dictator standing in the ashes of his recently dispatched foe, but its not nearly that clean cut. The incestuous nature of Harrisburg is such that the scales of power tip only slightly within the same Cabal. Kinda like musical chairs, but everyone stays seated around the public trough.

The most confusing, if not perversely hypocritical, aspect of DeWeese's newly minted reforms is that each reform targets techniques DeWeese ruthlessly employed as a high ranking thug in Sam Smith's Punxsutawney Junta. Was it not the nocturnal DeWeese who held court over the 2AM payraise, who modified legislation minutes before votes, that used Public Service Announcements as barter in an Ad's for Votes scheme?

Does Billy DeWeese really think he can pull this transformation act off, or is he just hoping we're all as stupid as his gap-toothed inbred constituents back in Waynesburg?

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