Monday, March 12, 2007

Chuck Hagel Out, Predicts Split

Chuck "Perot" Hagel is out... for now. I'll get back to you, I'm busy right now, sez Hagel. Fortunately for those of us fond of reading political tea leaves, he didn't keep his message that trite.

“The political currents in America are more unpredictable today than at any time in modern history. We are experiencing a political re-orientation, a redefining and moving toward a new political center of gravity. This movement is bigger than both parties. The need to solve problems and meet challenges is overtaking the ideological debates of the last three decades — as it should. America is demanding honest, competent and accountable governance..” - Hagel
Not the first person to think that the polar party system will eventually pull itself apart. But while the dustbin of history (T.R., Eugene Debs, Ralph Nader and Ross Perot) is full with those who bet against the dual party system and lost, it is also full of those who lost the election due to their party being split or just disgusted with their party's lack of direction (Taft, Bush I, Gore). Hagel might have a point.

With twice divorced/pro-gay rights Guliani riding 50%+ in polls of the GOP, makes you wonder where the hell Karl Rove's bigoted majority went.

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