Friday, February 02, 2007

Sarah Spain Update (photo): Med school student hitches ride to Miami on the Sarah Spain Train

You remember Sarah Spain, the buxom Bears beauty who auctioned herself as an escort on eBay for Super Bowl tickets? Although eBay scuttled her plan, the makers of Axe body "cologne" gave Spain four tickets provided she took along a random bloke.
With her 15 minutes set to expire, we have an update! There were thousands of randy young men who wrote to Sarah Spain, pleading and begging for the rights to accompany her. The lucky winner is Alan Shahtaji, a 26-year old med student from Chicago.
Sorry, losers. Your tale of disappointment in your career and lovelife must continue. Your future earnings are a pittance besides those of Doctor Shahtaji. Perhaps you should have went to college for something other than fantasy league statistics.

Hat tip to With Leather. See more Sarah Spain pics at there.

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