Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ron Cook leaves desk, writes two decent stories

The oft-maligned Ron Cook has written two solid columns in the last week about Pitt basketball. I give props to the Cookie-Monster. He not only eschewed his ridiculous rhetorical questionnaire, but weaved player-interviews into a compelling narrative. His story about Antonio Graves wasn't the typical adversity-maturity hokum. Cook's column made me think about how basketball is one of the only sport in which you have not a second to second-guess yourself. It's to fast-paced for regret.

I still do not understand why Graves played 20+ minutes in previous contests, but this season he's earned the playing time. Graves' defense has been reminiscent of Julius Page. And since he's unselfish, fans don't have to worry about Graves launching 20 awkward three-pointers a game.

Cook's second column was an ode to Levance Fields and the recent legacy of Pitt point guards. Pretty nifty.

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