Monday, February 05, 2007

Our Daily Bread: Give Me Coffee and TV, and Boobs; Sexy Coffee Shop Opens in Seattle

This blog breaks for three things: coffee, Howard Dean's neck fat, and luscious, fabric-straining breastses. Two down.

From the LA Times:
Coffee, with sugar
If Hooters opened a coffee shop, it would likely resemble the Sweet Spot Cafe, a drive-thru espresso stand in the Seattle suburbs.

Check out their web site to read up on the coffee-wenches. My favorite buxom barista is 24-year old Tamsyn (sic). She's just like the girl next-door. Her ideal man is a clean-shaven bartender covered in tats, wears expensive shoes, and enjoys necrophilia.

How could I make this up?

This also gives us a chance to remind you, dear reader, to patronize Pittsburgh's only drive-thru strip club, Climax. It's only 20 miles from downtown on route 22! They don't serve coffee, however.

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