Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Sarah Spain Train (photo)

Sarah Spain appears in Trace Adkins video (who the hell is Trace Adkins?); uses her fun-guns to sell crap no one wants

Writing about Ron Cook and the collapse of a brand-spankin' new public building just doesn't get me excited. That's why Darn News must hitch one more ride on the Sarah Spain Train.

So what's going on in Sarah's world?
In this video, she describes her Super Bowl experience.

With Leather met Sarah in Miami and said she was a perfectly nice girl. His buddy, White Dade disagrees. White Dade does mention that the med school student, who was Spain-Train's date pawed her like a drunked-up, disoriented CapitolMan searching for a light switch. At With Leather you can watch Sarah in a Trace Adkins video (she's in a white top, red belt. Check it at the 1:50 mark). It's really not that interesting. Who knew Sarah was an unknown Hollywood actress?

And your last piece of Spain-Train news, Sarah Spain visited a poker tourney as a guest of Fun Friends, the maker of queer cell phone covers that have middle-school girls and Mario Lopez going ga-ga for garbage. That's it, people. The Spain-Train has come to a complete stop. Please exit.

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