Monday, February 12, 2007

Mike Veon, Lobbyist

Mike Veon (right) is now a registered lobbyist. Having lost his ability to sell his vote, he now seeks to sell his clout. Mike Veon & Associates has no associates, excepting Mike Veon. Mike Veon & Associates has no clients, excepting US Tobacco.

Thank you for smokeless smoking, sez Mike Veon & Associates.

In Harrisburg today to sucker people into buying down his campaign debt, Veon held a press conference before a paltry crowd including a few bored reporters, an elderly union hack from Beaver Falls and his mother. Sporting his traditional pinstripe suit and Wolfman Jack beard, Veon had one message for Pennsylvania.

“Ed, if youre listening, don’t stop calling if you don’t get through to me the first time. I’ve been screening my calls for creditors, but I'll get back to you right away.”

Note to State Democrats, conserve water. Don’t flush the toilet until that other mammoth pile of shit, Billy DeWeese, joins his friend in the pot.

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