Thursday, February 08, 2007

Keira Knightley (Photo) Quits Hollywood To Pursue Life Of Bisexual Nymphomania, According To My Version

British movie starlet Keira Knightley, whose acting credits include "The Hole" and something or other related to the Caribbean and its pirates, is mulling a "holiday" from the movie business. (That's a vacation to us Americans. [I mean, that's my best guess; my family watched a lot of "Dr. Who" on PBS when I was growing up so my English-to-American is pretty top-drawer.])

Anywho, she's earned it. I say take that hiatus, Ms. Knightley. This business has worked you to the bones. That, or maybe it was the steady diet of Grey Goose vodka, cocaine, and bathetic self-importance. (Call me.)

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