Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dormitory Conformity - CMU offers mixed-gender housing

Five years since The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon's student newspaper published a story about the possibility of boys and girls living together, the Post-Gazette's Bill "Story? What's a story?" Schackner has caught on.

Carnegie Mellon announced yesterday that it will provide 25 off-campus units in Shady Oak Apartments to men and women who wish to room together (gay, lesbian, et. al).

Back on January 28, 2002 the inimitable Andrew Johnson wrote about the possibility of mixed-gender living at CMU. Here's the link to his original story.

Here's your money quote from David Kaplan, a member of SOHO (CMU's gay advocacy group) talking about freshman room assignments:
"I got paired with a guy from Nebraska who was a football player, and I was scared shitless about moving in with him," he said. "Things worked out and everything, but there's no system of checks and balances�. [to ensure that] I won't get paired with a homophobic guy."

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