Friday, February 23, 2007

Andy Warhol buried in Bethel Park

While perusing the NYT today, a dateline naming "Bethel Park" caught my eye. Why would the New York Times publish a story about a comfortable Pittsburgh suburb?

Because Andy Warhol is buried there. (Aside: I like when newspapers coyly print stories timed with the release of something from popular culture). Factory Girl is a movie about Andy Warhol's coterie and one of his primadonna starlets, Edie Sedgwick (played by semi-famous actress Sienna Miller). This film was as self-indulgent as Warhol's bohemians. The movie lacked a plot and I'm loathe to classify it as a character study. Sedgwick was so shallow as to be unlikable. After 20 minutes of self-indulgence, there was nothing left to study.

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Paul said...

On the surface, Andy Warhol being buried in suburban Pittsburgh seems mundane -- which he certainly was not. But, perhaps it's so mundane it's actually counter-cultural. You would have expected his remains to be somewhere odd or interesting (think Jim Morrison in Paris). But, perhaps by not being odd or interesting, it actually goes against the grain of celebrity expectation.

Also, Warhol first made a name for himself by making art from the commercial products of his time. And, very close to that cemetery in Bethel Park are the small retail stores that dominate Route 88 and Route 51 in that area -- many still looking as they did in the 70s, 80s, etc.