Friday, February 09, 2007

ACLU Defends 'Flippin the Bird'

Witold "Vic" Walczak is more than just an ugly little man with a bad tie and a silly name. Walczak is Pittsburgh's own defender of Constitutional Liberties... liberties such as the right for rich white kids to have an International Baccalaureate program, or the right to dress up like a Zombie and bite one's neighbor. But lets not poh poh the critically important mission this man leads for this city... defending one's right to be an inappropriate asshole.

I've recently become a pretty big fan of the thin blue line that stands between me and the thugs in my 'hood. In a densely packed diverse neighborhood, the entire spectrum of humanity walks the streets. 99% comprise a healthy, diverse neighborhood. 1% routinely need their asses kicked. In the 'good old days,' a cop could drag a drunken Irishman out of the bar and beat him until he sobered up. These times have justifiably passed, but what is this cop-phobic society that replaced it. Cop hating has reached such an absurd pitch that apparently no one is allowed to ensure a basic level of decency on the street?

Vic Walczak, self-anointed and self-directed Defender of Freedom, is going to "teach the cops a lesson." He has filed a case against the City of Pittsburgh on behalf of some asshole from Florida who apparently can't parallel park, and expresses his frustration with finger and curse. Likely expressing the general sentiment of all within view of this jerk, the cop told said jerk that he was an asshole. Vic sez the cops ain't Miss Manners, and should keep to enforcing the law. Afterall, isn't the ability to act in blatant disregard of common decency and respect what makes our country great?

Hey Vic, by pouncing on minutiae such as this, it might be time to ask yourself if its time to quit. If the greatest threat to my Civil Liberties comes about only when I act like a jackass or am accosted by a creche on the steps of a courthouse, I'm fairly confident that I'll be safe. Mission Accomplished!

Frankly, the police shouldn't have to deal with this shit.

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Lainie said...

There is nothing wrong with this nice Polish boy's name. Quit picking us Pollacks.