Wednesday, January 31, 2007

US to Declare War on Iran, Part II

POWDER KEG: Ahmadinejad's sabre-rattling on nukes and Iraq faces domestic opposition as economic sanctions take hold in Iran. Steep declines in oil pricing and UN sanctions are taking their toll on Iranian wallets, leaving the Iranian president politically weakened. Those looking for a damper on the Iranian powder-keg take heart?

Not yet. Iran's bluster and bravado has not waned in the least. Ahmadinejad still insists the US can't inflict too much pain on Iran, and doesn't have the balls to initiate a full-blown attack. And the Bush Administration is claiming Iranian trained militia killed US Soldiers. Are the flag-draped coffins en-route to Dover our next WMD?

STUCK IN A RUT: As Francis Fukuyama points out, "Hey Asshole... your strategy sucks in Iraq. It will suck in Iran." But as Highland Ave. and Fukuyama agree, "When your tool of choice is a Hammer, everything looks like a nail." Bush's Go-It-Alone approach means that there aint gonna be any diplomatic attempts to build a military coalition against Iran. Furthermore, recent bluster to the contrary, Congress abdicated its right to declare war over 60 years ago. Sorry James Madison, there aint no Check to Balance the 'Sole Decider.' With 30% approval ratings, little chance to salvage his legacy, and an obstinate inability to reconcile his worldview with reality, Bush is a bat-shit crazy gambling man with nothing to lose. And he isnt necessarily flying solo.

DIVE FOR COVER: Party at my place, pizza and beer, to watch next month's "Shock and Awe" over Tehran, Live after "Sista Sista," on The WB.

ASIDE: Why is Radio Free Europe (see above link), the US-run Cold War propaganda machine, the only news source talking about a weakened Ahmadinejad?

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