Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rendell Claims Political Capital

Gimme that Ol' Time Religion

Ed Rendell was sworn into his second term in office yesterday; his gravelly voice promising a bright new future for Pennsylvania. The crowd, 1,500 state employees under compulsory attendance, cheered Rendell's proposals to provide universal health coverage, provide adequate transit funding, and end corruption in Harrisburg. Tall order for any man; equal to that of cheering frigid state employees forced to give up their lunch break.

Inspite of statements to the contrary, Rendell is likely building up his national profile through a solidly enacted reform platform at home. Universal healthcare brightened the political futures of Mitt Romney and the Governator in Massachusettes and California; and everyone in Philly and Pittsburgh is damned sick of the annual threat of broad-based transit service cuts. But really, did we have to throw draining the swamp in there?

Perhaps a bit skeptical, but the mayor of Pay-to-Play Philadelphia is gonna join forces with Pay-Raise Billy DeWeese? Really, who got religion? A plan for term limits and transparent campaign contributions ring particularly hollow when delivered from the steps of the "House that Graft Built." Like holding Good Ol' Tent Revival in a strip club. But why not... here's to Hope! That the winds of November are still blowing strong well into this next legislative session.


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CapitolMAN said...

If he wants to clean up political graft he should target massive pseudo-public agencies like the Turnpike Commission/Penn Dot. In the interim, I've asked my employer to withhold all my earnings. Another income tax increase and a property tax rebate? That's the perfect economic elixir for a state unable to retain anyone under the age of 50.