Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pittsburgh Councilman Jim Motznik declares War on Politics; launches worst blog ever

Councilman Motznik declares War on Politics; launches worst blog ever

Pittsburgh Councilman Jim Motzdick (D-Douchebag Heights) , angry that a drunked-up Mayor Ravenstahl tussled with a cop before a Steelers game and everyone knows about it, started a blog that will "make sure we can all wade through the shit and get to the truth!" (direct quote) Motznik promised to fight every rumor with rumor, using "sources" and "word on the street." Now Motznik has a closed platform (no comments allowed!) where he can personally refute the opinions of John McIntire, a pruveyor of punditry and "snarkery."
Welcome to the Internets, Jim. Polish your sabre of justice and prepare to do battle with the great truthseekers in the blogosphere. Just make sure no one posts comments on your blog, Jim.

Gosh, I'm embarassed for Motzdick. What kind of two-bit politician feels the need to personally bicker with a talk-show host?

My favorite passage from his unreadable screed:
...a certain blog was posted about what a certain someone heard from a certain someone else what a certain someone did.

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