Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Daily Bread: Another Julie Stimmel photo, Trenni of Fox Sports Pittsburgh drunk'd up

Dear reader PSUstoekl brought to our attention in a posted comment that a Stimmel photo can be found at Flikr. In this image Mrs. Stimmel looks careworn. She smiles brightly, but crows feet softly tug at her sad eyes. Her sexy posture is stilted.

Keep 'em coming.

Here is the link.

Trenni at Fox Sports Pittsburgh gettin' her groove at wedding
A hat-tip to Mondesi's House, where I first learned about Ryan Vogelsong's wedding album. Trenni Kusnierek bears her pearly whites in a manner that makes me think of a man struggling to make a bowel movement. Be sure to note Josh Fogg's sad little soul patch. And who knew Kip Wells was such a natty dresser!

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Highland Ave. said...

Thanks for the Vogelsong pix. Note to those poor nerds for whom High School was 99% Chem and Calc punctuated by 1% of sheer terror at the hands of sadistic jocks... Not only have they denied your dreams of "life as a McDonalds fry-cook" justice, but their fantastic wealth and fame has not resulted in any accumulation of intelligence or maturity.

So much for ying yang.