Monday, January 01, 2007

Oh, stewardess? Would you stuff my kid in the overhead compartment?

Say what you will about Nazi Germany, but at least the trains ran on schedule. Too bad there's no Hitler to whip our sorry airlines into shape. Flights are consistently delayed. Overextended airports limp along with 40-minute depature delays while modern facilities with adequate access sit vacant. TSA screeners are regulatory-addicts and functionally-literate drones who want to make you as miserable as them. Where there is no common sense, there is no glamour.

If Hertz can rent only to drivers 25 and older, why can't an airline do the same thing?

If the sound of a child's laughter make you recoil with horror - what little Tommy will repeat again and again for next 60 minutes? - then join me on this national protest against children. It's time we hold them accountable for their incessant wanting, shrill whining, and minature bodies.

Thankfully, the good people at the Boxakid Company have a short-term solution until we can rid the plane of child and sip our complimentary 6 oz. beverage in peace.

I don't blame the parents of the schools. I blame the children. Feel free to share your kiddy nightmares here at

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