Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fire Ron Cook, Post-Gazette columnist. Ron Cook sucks

Does anyone out there hate Ron Cook as much as I do?

His rhetorical question lede?

That's followed by another question?
Do you dislike his formulaic oratory, in which he addresses the reader as if all seven of them have gathered in a lecture hall to listen to his pablum?

From Cook's last column, in which he asked six questions: But what if Tomlin isn't necessarily the best choice? What if he got the job because Steelers owner Dan Rooney cares just a little more about his NFL legacy than about his franchise? What if Tomlin got the job, at least in part, because of the Rooney Rule?

Please stop.

I recently reviewed the last two months of half-Cooked columns. These "stories," which average four questions usually address the reader in the second person.

Example: Do you know how important stability is to an NFL coach?

No, I don't Ron. Could you tell me?

Half of all columns opened with a question. Four of his columns opened with a question immediately posited a second question. A particularly egregious violation of journalism came in a story in which argued the Steelers should hire Ken Wisenhunt. After counting seven questions I became too angry to continue.

Ron Cook needs to retire. Please write to sports editor Jerry Micco ( and put a stop to Cook's vexing condemnations of the fan, the athlete, the coach, etc.


Anonymous said...

So I was reading his column today and thought this exact thought. I googled to see if anyone else is behind this idea and was lead here. This idea needs to be encouraged. Alot.

Anonymous said...

Ron Cook is one of the worst writers every to put his thumb on the pulse of Pittsburgh sports. He has no clue on how the city feels about topics, and voices his totally off-the-wall rants about his insane thoughts. I would actually read the post-gazette if he didn't work there. Terrible.

The Book Of Mikey said... is coming.

Anonymous said...

The Rooneys promised{verbal and handshake}Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm the jobs due to their excellence! Pure and Simple.
The coach in there now is weak and lacks judgement/numerous mental errors.
He was hired due to his race/no n-qualified and Tomlin is a black racist.