Monday, January 08, 2007

Fire Ron Cook, Post-Gazette columnist. Ron Cook sucks

Does anyone out there hate Ron Cook as much as I do?

His rhetorical question lede?

That's followed by another question?
Do you dislike his formulaic oratory, in which he addresses the reader as if all seven of them have gathered in a lecture hall to listen to his pablum?

From Cook's last column, in which he asked six questions: But what if Tomlin isn't necessarily the best choice? What if he got the job because Steelers owner Dan Rooney cares just a little more about his NFL legacy than about his franchise? What if Tomlin got the job, at least in part, because of the Rooney Rule?

Please stop.

I recently reviewed the last two months of half-Cooked columns. These "stories," which average four questions usually address the reader in the second person.

Example: Do you know how important stability is to an NFL coach?

No, I don't Ron. Could you tell me?

Half of all columns opened with a question. Four of his columns opened with a question immediately posited a second question. A particularly egregious violation of journalism came in a story in which argued the Steelers should hire Ken Wisenhunt. After counting seven questions I became too angry to continue.

Ron Cook needs to retire. Please write to sports editor Jerry Micco ( and put a stop to Cook's vexing condemnations of the fan, the athlete, the coach, etc.

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