Friday, January 26, 2007

Affirmative Action on the Ropes

With the banning of race based admissions in Michigan and California, the number of Black and Hispanic students at state schools in these states has plummeted to historic lows. No one wanted to see this seemingly inevitable decline in minority enrollment; but at its core, Affirmative Action's racial preferences were inherently un-American. In the American melting-pot meritocracy, racial preference was as absurd as it was counter-productive.

A bit trite, you think? Doesn't it force some form of equality considering white kids generally get better educations and are thus better prepared for the competitive enrollment process at the best universities? Further, wouldn't it be better if a school's racial complexion accurately reflected that of the nation itself? Lastly, isn't it scary when the resultant lack of diversity yields white kids who really think this is reality?

What is un-American about Affirmative Action is also un-American about American public education. Society turn a blind eye to rotting urban schools, absurdly calling the salvation of a select few students 'social progress' or 'equality.' Now that option is off the table, and hard choices must be made. Quote Ohio State University administrator: “The only long-term solution is to do better in the pipeline and make sure all kids get the best education possible, K-12.”

From now on, Colleges need to work harder for that racially balanced admissions brochure. Let colleges run the high schools in America. Fire the flunkies on school board, turn over the business of education to the professionals, and let the parents pick the best-fitting school.

With a level playing field, the hungriest will win. As the Pole and the Jew supplanted the WASP in the circles of power, merit will again ensure widespread diversity.

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