Thursday, December 28, 2006

Missed connection: Empty tavern m4w 23 (Sadville)

The Squirrel Hill Cafe is a bar in Pittsburgh. It's affectionately called "the Cage" because it keeps the self-loathing hipster and nihilist junk poet safely behind bars where they belong. If you think Post Secret is a pit of irony and postmodern romanticism then you'll love Missed Connections!

wallowing interrupted by girl with red hair. - m4w - 23

Reply to:
Date: 2006-12-27, 3:52PM EST

I was at the bar, you came in looking only recently 21. Maybe you were wearing a vest, maybe not. I wish I could say the glance you offered saved me from committing suicide last night, but I wasn't intending on committing suicide. However, you must have sensed some type of aberrant personality trait because you spent the rest of your short stay sitting in a booth with your friends (one male, one female) chatting, no doubt, about how wonderful and worry free life is.

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