Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gerald Ford Eaten By Wolves

Gerald Ford tragically died yesterday at the ripe age of 129. The lost generation will forever remember Ford as a former president killed off in the hilarious Dana Carvey sendup of Tom Brokaw's Summer Vacation (check out the video here).
In addition to being appointed president, Gerald Ford was a candidate, too! No one really liked him, however, because he was adopted and his wife drank too much at parties.
Despite these deplorable character flaws, little-known Broadway star Pearl Bailey believed in Jerry. Bailey was a Broadway actress made from porcelain. This reporter claims she was the prototype for Aunt Jemima.
During the 1976 election, Bailey made a personal appeal to the American public on Ford's behalf. Watch it here (bottom icon in the Rep column). With such a heart-felt endorsement from a movie star like Miss Jemima, one is left to wonder how Ford could ever lose to a anti-semite from Georgia. Oh, wait. There was that whole pardoning of Nixon thing.

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