Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Jimmy Carter- Peacenik, Activist, and Jew Hating Pig! Newsletter from the AIPAC? A column by Michael Kinsey at the WashPost? Close... Correct answer is: An inconspicuous link on our esteemed blog posted by the Capitol Man!

I can't help but to comment on what was surely intended as secondary and humorous... as with all public discourse in America, simpletons like myself focus on the margins when core issues prove too complicated. And since Dana Carvey as Tom Brokaw is beyond my grasp, I'll flaunt my half-cooked assessment of the latest, most analyzed, least read book.

Jimmy Carter outraged America last month when he publicly criticized *gasp* Israel. No longer burdened by the need to seek public office, Carter took umbrage with the Israeli pastime of caging and beating an entire population of Palestinians. Carter's book apparently highlights the excesses of Israeli occupation of Palestine, from the summary demolition of Palestinian homes and the economically ruinious West Bank fence, to Benjamin Netanyahu's pesky habit of taking his wine in the skull of a Muslim baby. Pro-Israeli pundits pointed out that Carter has been pro-Islam since 1979, and this is just another chapter of his sordid dance with Islamo-Fascism!

Of course the punditocracy quickly lept to the defence of the Status Quo, because anything beyond that might require them to think about what they're saying. I mean, really, didn't like 8 Palestinians blow up the World Trade Center and shit... or was it them pesky pinko Russians up to their KGB hijinks? In the meantime, we can sleep soundly knowing that even if Israel recreated Apartheid in Palestine, we can count on the French to to be indignant on our behalf.

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