Thursday, November 16, 2006

Equitable Gas sucks

This morning, the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission called me. I had recently filed a complaint against the monopolistic savages at Equitable Gas.

Equitable Gas will not turn on residential gas meters on Saturday. Monday through Friday only, bub.

What effrontery! Mail comes on Saturday. Liquor can be purchased on Sunday. But this "public utility" can't flip a switch on Saturday. Well, actually they can says the PUC but only in the most extenuating of circumstances...for something called "compliance."

"Compliance" is the polite name given to the PUC's threat of a fine. The gas company is given three days to turn your gas on. I believe this equates to three "chances." If the company fails, the PUC can compel them to turn it on during a Saturday. If Equitable does not follow through, the PUC can cite them.

On a related note, Equitable Gas wants to purchase Dominion Peoples. Company officials say if the merger is not approved, they may be forced to relocate their Pittsburgh operations to Kentucky. Shove it up your face, Equitable.

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Anonymous said...

Equitable Gas definately does SUCK....Not only for your situation, but many have encountered very serious situations that are completely unjust and the courts allow it to happen! They coddle these big companies.