Monday, October 16, 2006

Hey! Ho! Let's Go! No, Seriously, Get Out.

Happy now, squares? You killed punk rock.

New York's own CBGB's, the legendary music venue and destination of choice for suburban hipsters and recreational drug users, has officially played its last power chord. Sunday marked the final concert held at the East Village club which helped to launch the careers of the Talking Heads, Blondie, Television, and The Ramones while ushering in new musical genres such as punk and new wave. Patti Smith, Deborah Harry, and other 1970's luminaries showed up to give the historic spot a proper send-off. Even newer, shittier bands offered their two cents.

As someone who took in a few shows during his time safely ensconced in a Westchester, New York, prep school, CB's was a great way for this humble blogger to learn about the immediacy of music, the value of anger, and how to falsify your age in order to buy cheap beer prior to a thrash-metal matinee. Rock on, losers.

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