Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bus Fare

DATELINE PITTSBURGH: Eggheads Suggest New Tax, Citizens Pissed.

A Philly think tank has suggested an additional regional tax to support transit in Pennsylvania's larger cities. The PA Economy League likes a good proactive government to take charge of these problems. And if that means taxation, then so be it.

The Economy League is right in that these are regional problems, but really wrong in how they suggest solving them. This Egghead humbly suggests the following:
  • PennDOT should focus on arterials. If they weren't paving low-volume cowpaths on behalf of poor municipalities, they wouldn't be broke.
  • Small governments should be merged so they can pick up the tab for smaller roads. These shitbox Mill-burgs and Buckwheat Townships can't keep the lights on at city hall let alone fix a pothole... time to give up your dumpy feifdom, Pops.
  • Growth Boundaries restricting sprawl. More infrastructure for less people is a surefire way to go bankrupt. If we don't restrict sprawl, then we'll have add more traffic lanes and bus-lines up I-279. More to pay for, and less people to pay it.
Lets try to avoid the last issue, namely less people, by dumping this latest proposal for more taxes.


Amanda said...

If you actually read some of our publications instead of skimming the PG and assuming you know everything, you would see that we suggest all of those things. The tax isn't ideal, but regional governance takes YEARS to develop, and we are nowhere near even beginning to think about it in Philadelphia...and Pittsburgh? Ha! Forget it. In the meantime, people need a way to get to work.

And by the way, that suggestion largely came out of the PEL West office in conjunction with the Aallegheny Conference, not us here in the East.

CapitolMAN said...

How to fix Pennsylvania, by the Allegheny Conference Shoephone Girl:
1. Raise taxes.
2. Improve Pittsburgh's "image" and "brand."
3. Raise taxes.

Does the Allegheny Conference have any credibility? Me thinks they spend too much time drinking with Sienna Miller and other smug and unimportant a-holes who think everything can be solved by improving image over substance.

Amanda said...

I never said that. Regionalism isn't "image" and "branding" it's fundamental structural changes across all levels of government. All I said was that the types of things the poster suggested are going to take a while to get going and that raising taxes isn't ideal, but that it may be the only way to fix this problem until people actually get their shit together enough to put together a more streamlined regional government.

Branding is the last thing I would want to do to any region, and it is certainly not something that I ever suggested. It's the type of planning I hate because it never works.

Methinks you need to get over your own smugness and realize that what I said wasn't that I disagree with him AT ALL, but rather that you can't institute those kinds of changes overnight. Maybe raising taxes will actually motivate more people to realize that regionalism is a good thing and that places like Mount Oliver shouldn't exist. Maybe it's a poor solution to a nearly insolvable problem. I don't know, I was just voicing an opinion. That's all.

And thanks for berating me. Watch me now as I bow to the allmighty gods before me, how dare I even think for a minute that I knew at all what I was talking about? For Christ's sakes, get over yourself.