Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ban County Council and other nebby forms of government

That august body, the Allegheny County Council, would like to ban smoking in all public areas, including taverns and restaurants. I hope our council representatives not succumb to such effrontery of American freedom.

Not only would they ban smoking inside, but also within 15 feet of entrances. Given that the South Side is one giant bar with 100+ entrances, it could be impossible to smoke. Walking down the sidewalk with a bog between your lips could earn you a $250 fine.

As a young man-about-town, I do enjoy partaking in the region's nightlife. And while not a smoker myself, I respect the innkeeper's right to decide whether to permit such a vile habit in his/her establishment. The smoke-encrusted clothes and hair is a small price to pay after an evening out, especially when weighed against the hours of enjoyment one has when sharing a few brewski's with his pals.

The people agree with me. Smoking is neither wise nor glamourous in today's society, but it's a personal choice that everyone from the patron to the barmaid makes when visiting/working in a smoking venue.

It will be a sad day in Pittsburgh, Penna, the city with the well-deserved reputation as the 'Smoky City' when such freedom is restricted.

Write your councilman, Americans. Crush this communism now!

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