Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

Go Get'em Girls

I love the NYT's conviction that women's consistent success in academia is an indication of future success.

Perhaps it's a bit anecdotal, but my D+ in "Rapist Basket-Weaving, Masturbation, and the Afro-Feminine Mind ENG 245" didn't screw me for life. Further, I've had more success in both professional and personal life talking about my favorite drinks and cigars (click on the link for Christmas ideas, Mom... I don't want another fuckin sweater) than discussing the intakes of Metternich's suppression of liberal ideology in the Revolutions of 1814. If anything, the intractability of Israeli-Palestinian problem or Saudi Wahabbianism tends to be a downer... people either leave the room or ask me to shut up.

From my prospective, I've found my Dickinson liberal arts education to be the most absurd, most expensive exercise in frivolity in my entire life. The only time being a nerd really seems to pay off is in the tech field... which is, consequently, dominated by men.

Maybe the glass ceiling has more to do with collegiate men focusing more on binge drinking and date rape (ie: conversation and interaction) than on Percy Shelly's dubious sexuality. Maybe women would do well to stop studying so hard, and start reading. Afterall, what really matters more?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ken Lay Dies

Kenneth Lay, convict and founder of Enron, has died today of a heart attack.

I for one, sucker that I am, pretty much believed he wasn't a thief, just a miser.